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Bimini Island

Bimini is the true Island in the Stream, located about 49 miles Southeast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; it is the closest point in the Bahamas to the United States. The Gulf Stream rushes north and makes Bimini very accessible to sailors from our base in Ft. Lauderdale. It has become a prime destination for our charterers. The warm waters of Bimini are a magnificent aqua blue, there are wonderful coral reefs, and a vast amount of sea life. All of this has made Bimini the “Big Game Fishing Capitol of the World” in addition to a fantastic sailing destination. In Bimini you can find anything from Marlin to Manta Rays, Dolphin to Sea Turtles. Its unique location makes Bimini a favorite spot for sailing, diving, and fishing.

The largest most populated islands in the Bimini Chain are North Bimini and South Bimini with less than 1,500 inhabitants. North Bimini is the more populated of the two and is 7 miles long & 700 ft. wide. This is where the great American author, Earnest Hemingway spent so much time and was inspired to write the classic novel “Islands in the Stream”. The main town on North Bimini Island is Alice Town. There you will find small shops, the Bahamian Straw Market, restaurants, and bars. All are situated along a single road known as “The King’s Highway”. Further up the road is Bailey Town and a bit further is Porgy Bay. On the very north part of the Island is “Bimini Bay Resort & Marina”, a 350 million dollar development that has finally changed the island that was once thought to be stuck in time.  At Bimini Bay Resort you can find world class restaurants, bars, pristine beaches, jet ski rentals, dive operators, and a state of the art marina.

It is recommended to rent a golf cart so you can see the entire island in as little as one afternoon. Don’t forget to stop by the “End of the World Sandbar”, complete with a sand floor. Ring Toss is the local past time at this well worn eatery and watering hole. Conch is served at almost every restaurant and bar in Bimini and if you have never had it or think you might not like it, think again. The different preparations have completely different tastes and textures. Go on a Conch Safari and try conch salad, conch fritters, conch chowder, cracked conch, and conch pizza. Some of the best places for conch and other seafood specialties are “Joe’s Conch Shack”, “Sheri’s on the Beach”, “Edith’s Pizza”, “End of the World Sandbar”, “Big Game Club”, and the “Anchorage Restaurant”! The local fresh fish and spiny lobster are easily found favorites as well.

South Bimini is mostly residential with less commercial activity than North Bimini. South Bimini was visited by the famous Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, and there is a fresh water spring on the island that some say is the “Fountain of Youth”. There are two Marinas on South Bimini, “Bimini Sands Marina” and “South Bimini Marina”. Both are full service marinas with restaurants and various services. Bimini offers many opportunities for fun & entertainment with its secluded beaches, coral caves, coral tunnels and reefs. You can hide out at nearby islands such as South Cat Cay and immerse yourself in the gorgeous turquoise waters. You can snorkel and / or dive the “Sapona Wreck” and “The Bimini Road”, which some say is the ancient lost city of Atlantis. Check it out for yourself and decide if you have witnessed the fabled lost city …;-)


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