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Tips and Hints on Sailing

Don’t Forget…
Sun screens and lotions, hats, white-soled soft shoes, aqua socks, rain gear, two bathing suits, sunglasses, CD or cassette music, one long-sleeved shirt, personal medications. It can be cool especially in the winter months so a sweater is recommended. Bath towels and hand towels are provided but you should bring a beach towel for each crewmember. If you are going to the Bahamas bring your passport or a notarized copy of your birth certificate and a photo ID.

If you bring children under 90 lbs., please buy a personal flotation device (PFD, i.e., life jacket) well before your departure to make sure that it fits properly and the child is accustomed to wearing it for extended periods of time. Although we can provide Coast Guard approved PFD’s, our experience indicates that these models are not particularly comfortable, and no child acclimates readily. Please advise before hand if you require our PFD’s for children.

Ship’s Store
At the Ship’s Store, located at our marina in Ft. Lauderdale, you will find T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Hats, Sun Lotions, Sun Glasses, Film, Disposable Underwater Cameras, Sailing Gloves, Charts, Cruising Guides, Ice, and all the rental items listed below.

Charts and Guides
We have the latest, most recently updated cruising guides for the Bahamas and Florida Keys for sale for $39.95 and $19.95, respectively. Because of wear, tear, coffee stains and old courses scribbled on charts that are left on board, we do NOT provide navigational charts. However, we do offer over 25 different detailed double sided, waterproof NOAA charts covering all the Keys and Bahamas for $21.95 …a two-for-one (front and back) deal.

Snorkeling/Diving/Fishing Gear
The crystalline waters of the Bahamas make snorkeling inevitable…and Pennykamp State (underwater) Park, on the southeast side of Key Largo, has the only living coral reef on the continental United States. Bring your mask and fins, or we can outfit you for $25.00 per week, per set. Hawaiian Slings or Pole Spears are available for rent for $20.00 per week. For those who wish to spend more time underwater there is a SCUBA Dive shop close by that rents tanks and BC’s. They can outfit you for an unforgettable diving adventure. Be sure to mention that you are chartering with Fun In The Sun so that you get a discount. Deep Sea Fishing Rods with Reels are available for rent for $30.00 per week. We have lures for sale and bait is available close by.

Take advantage of some of the other toys we offer such as novice to intermediate Wind Surfers and Tandem Kayaks. Both of these are available for rent at a price of $175.00 per week. If you decide you need some extra cold stowage, you may rent a 72-quart cooler for $20.00 per week.

A Winn Dixie supermarket, with everything you need, is located about a mile away right next to a very good liquor and wine store. A gourmet and health food market is just down the road (for those first-day vine-ripened tomatoes and fabulous breads). A West Marine outlet is located about a third of the way to the supermarket, Border’s Bookstore is just across the bridge, and a rather fancy mall is a short walk. The beach is just a little farther. We are surrounded by restaurants (South Western, Italian, French Caribbean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Burgers, and Subs) with prices and sophistication ranging from budget to elegant.

Coast Guard licensed captains are available at $175 per day. They can accompany you for the first day or two to get you used to the boat or help you across the Stream, or stay with you for the week. Ask us for resumes and a phone interview.

Fun In The Sun Yacht Charters wants your sailing vacation to be a memorable experience filled with good times, fair winds, warm water, and bright sunny days. If you have any special requests we will do everything possible to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Whether you are on your way to the Florida Keys or getting ready for a Gulf Stream Crossing make sure you set your watch to island time, kick back, and enjoy yourself!


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