Bareboat Charter Information

All you need to know prior to your charter

My Charter is coming up soon & now what?!

Most charters start at noon, but we recommend arriving to our marina by 10 AM. For our marina location click here. Upon arrival our staff will perform inventory review, mechanical briefing, and chart briefing with you and/or your Captain. If you hired a Licensed Captain and want to participate in these activities, you are welcome to. The inventory review and mechanical briefings are done aboard the vessel, so we ask for you to keep certain areas of the vessel clear of personal items and luggage until these 2 activities are completed. After the mechanical briefing and inventory review, our staff will guide you to the main office for a chart briefing. If you hired a Licensed Captain, we highly recommend that you participate in the chart briefing so you can have input on your charter itinerary.

The mechanical briefing, inventory review, and chart briefing usually takes 2 hours depending on you and/or your captain. During this period, it is a good opportunity for part of your group to do any provisioning needed for your charter. There are a number of grocery stores near our marina such as Publix, Fresh Market, Wholefoods, etc. Google “grocery stores near zip code 33304” to get a list of all the stores closest to us.

As for the actual provisions, we suggest planning for 3 meals per day/per person plus snacks during the day. Don't forget to provision for plenty of bottled drinking water. Please note that if you hired a Licensed Captain, you are responsible for feeding the captain 3 meals per day, if you prefer you can set up a per diem with the captain for his meals. Please arrange this directly with your hired Captain.

Most of our charter clients split their days between anchoring and staying at marinas. This is something you need to plan ahead or discuss with your captain prior to your charter. This should be addressed during the chart briefing. If you are planning to spend any nights at a marina, we recommend making marina reservations ahead of time, your hired captain can help you with this.

With regards to the inventory, our yachts include a fully equipped galley with pots, pans, flatware, silverware, oven, microwave, propane BBQ grill, etc... We do not supply condiments, paper towels, napkins, dish soap, toilet paper, etc... these are things you will need to provision for.

If you are planning on cooking meals aboard your yacht, your hired captain will be able to assist you with operation of the stove/oven and setting up the BBQ grill for you. Please understand that Captains don’t cook for the charter clients since this is not in their scope of work.

In addition to the galley inventory, our yachts come with beds already made and we provide bath and hand towels. We recommend bringing beach towels, hats, sunscreen lotion, mosquito repellent, etc...

The yacht comes with full fuel tanks, and you will need to return it with the fuel tanks full. Your captain will take you to the fuel dock on your way in, on the last day of your charter where you will re fuel the boat.

Most of our charters end at noon, this means you will need to be off the yacht at noon on the last day of your charter. If you would like to come back to our marina the night before your last day and spend it at our docks, you are most welcome to do so.

If you arrive to our Marina by car, we have free parking at our facility for up to three vehicles per boat, you may leave your car parked at our marina for the duration of your charter.

Lastly, if you are hiring a Licensed captain, please note that captain's fees are paid directly to the captain prior to the charter and captain's gratuity is expected at the end of the charter.

Thank you for chartering with FUN IN THE SUN YACHTS and we look forward to having you!