Welcome Aboard!

Fun In The Sun Yachts Management Program provides national advertising, administration, and detailed accrual account statements to yacht owners. Our program includes routine care such as boat cleaning, charter turnarounds, and routine mechanical and underwater dive inspections at no charge.

50/50 Revenue Sharing This is a program available to all yachts in our fleet, new or pre-owned. All charter revenue generated by the boat is split 50/50 with the owner. The owner is responsible for dockage, a management fee, insurance and periodic maintenance. In return, revenue sharing program provides the owner with a greater income potential than the guaranteed program. We can provide you with income projections based on our experience, but future performance will depend on market conditions, weather, owner usage and other unforeseen factors. Ask us for further details on the yacht of your choice. If you already own a newer model yacht and would like to enjoy the benefits of our 50/50 management program, please contact us with your particulars.

Flexible Contract Terms The length of time your yacht must be left in charter management varies. Our standard contract stipulates that you may remove your yacht from the program with a simple written notice given 90 days in advance.

Who will charter your yacht? We have a very rigid qualification process for our charterers. After speaking with a potential bareboat charterer at length, we require a detailed resume with three references. We then send a form to each reference for verification of the applicant’s resume. If there are any remaining doubts after docking practice, we may require the charterer to hire a licensed captain.

Flexible Owner Use The very personal relationship we have with the owners of the yachts in our management program allows us a great deal of flexibility. This is important when it comes to the personal use of your own yacht. You have up to six weeks available to use your yacht, but if for some reason you would like more time, we are usually able to work out an equitable arrangement.

Added Benefits While your yacht is in our program, you will have peace of mind from the fact that your yacht is being professionally maintained to the highest industry standards. Our highly qualified staff does most all mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance, including air conditioning and refrigeration. By doing the work ourselves, we are able to reduce expenses and downtime, which translates into more revenue for you, the yacht owner.

With Fun In The Sun you can enjoy the benefit of having your yacht berthed in one of the most conveniently located and desirable cruising destinations in the world. You may also wish to take advantage of certain boat ownership tax benefits such as a sales tax exemption on the purchase of your yacht. In addition, your expenses for management, insurance, maintenance, and mortgage interest may be tax-deductible depending on your specific financial situation. You may put the savings in your pocket or choose to own a larger yacht than you might otherwise be able to afford.

As part of our fleet, you will enjoy the benefits of national advertising, strict qualification of potential charterers, on-premises professional service and maintenance, flexible accessibility to your yacht, and un-equaled personal attention to all of your needs. Fun In The Sun offers you the opportunity to let your yacht help pay for itself. So, enjoy sailing without the hassles and headaches of cleaning, maintenance, and financial burdens. Come join our fleet and enjoy Fun In The Sun!